Automotive Window Tinting Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment. Window tinting can keep your prized possession safe from many hazards. The most important function of tinting the windows in you car or truck is blocking out 99% of ultraviolet rays, protecting you from skin cancer. Tinting the windows in your car or truck also keeps your interior looking new by reducing the chance of the upholstery becoming faded or cracked.
Security is another major factor in installing window tint or window film in your car or truck. Having tinted windows in your car or truck can lower the chances of criminals seeing into your vehicle so they are less likely to break into it. If a window in your car or truck does get broken the window tint or window film will hold the glass in place in most cases.
Another reason to have window tint on the windows in your car or truck is the increased cost of fuel. The air condition is working extremely intense when you do not have any window tint on your car. Tinting the windows in your car or truck will allow you to run the air conditioning at a lower level, which saves you money in fuel expense.
We offer a variety of different car and truck window tints and films to meet individual needs and budgets.
Standard Series
Standard Tinting
The Standard line of window films offers both high quality and good protection.  
Other features and benefits include:
•A dyed-charcoal construction
•A non-reflective interior and exterior appearance
•Good heat, glare, and UV rejection
•Excellent optical clarity
•Three-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
High Performance Series
SunTek’s High Performance Series is a tried and proven product. It has been an industry staple for years and offers both high quality and performance.
High Performance
Other features and benefits include:
•A dyed-metal, hybrid construction
•Charcoal, bronze, and blue options that will enhance the look of any vehicle
•Superior heat rejection and glare reduction for added comfort
•Excellent optical clarity
•Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

Carbon Black Series

SunTek’s Carbon line provides superior results for customers looking for quality and performance. Other features and benefits include:

The Autoglass Clinic & Mobile Radio is the leader for tinting vehicle windows in Kitsap county and surrounding areas. If you're looking for the best tint shop in Kitsap County to tint the windows in your car or truck call us. The Autoglass Clinic & Mobile Radio has been providing window tinting services since 1982. With that length of experience we have applied window tint to about every car or truck you can think of. The Autoglass Clinic & Mobile Radio most major brands, giving you a wide selection of window tint and window film shades to choose from. Our 3M, LLumar and  Suntek certified professionally trained installers are at the top of their field and you can be assured the job will be done right the first time. Our back windows are tinted with one sheet of film, insuring a great quality job for many years to come. We stand behind our work and provide a lifetime warranty on all installation as well as a nationwide warranty on all of our window films. Most or our car window tint installs take under three hours compared to other tint companies who will need your vehicle all day or even overnight. Window tint makes a great gift and gift certificates are available. We accept appointments or walk-ins and have convenient hours to meet your needs. When you need your car, truck, suv, boat, or motor home tinted, there is only one choice, The Autoglass Clinic & Mobile Radio. Simply the best when it comes to your window tinting needs.

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